Posted On: June 30, 2009

Tv.BanglaPodcast.com is a companion website to the pioneering bengali podcast portal BanglaPodcast.com. The videos you will find here have a TV-like feel, snack-sized for your quick consumption and searchable for your eclectic needs. Amid all the wordplays, we strive to bring out one common theme – the expressions of the Bengali heart and soul. We would love to have your feedback. Drop us a line at [banglapodcast] at [gmail] dot [com] or comment on the videos directly.

We take great pride in producing the stories you find most relevant and pay utmost care to both quality and content. We also believe you should not have to pay first in order to enjoy these features. Thus, there is no subscription fees associated with any of our productions. Not now, never. However,┬áthe cost of production to maintain regular, quality content is substantial. Your financial support would ensure that our efforts are not sporadic. Your pledge also means that we have received an endorsement for our hard work – and that is more valuable than the actual dollar amount.

So, if you feel we deserve the support, please click on the button below to pledge an amount. We thank you for your generosity.